Grooming Day Appointment Preparation:

1.) Take time to de-mat your pooch prior to the appointment. This is a critical step in the grooming process that is often overlooked.  We want to be able to give your dog a wonderful groom!  If your pooch is not regularly brushed and has excessive matting, we will not be able to give you the perfect cut.

  • If there are too many knots and some matts that take me a while to brush through, I will have to trim their coat 1/2" or less to stay on schedule. If you don't want this short of a coat for your dog, your only option would be to just have him/her cleaned up (minus brushing - see below for what a cleanup includes) for this appointment and you can work on getting the matting out at home.
  • If you think your dog is matted and do not want him/her trimmed 1/2" or less, you'll have to schedule an appointment that includes dematting because this includes extra time. However, if the matting is too severe, I will have no choice but to shave his/her coat.
  • If you are brushing properly at home, you will know your dog's coat condition before bringing them to me. I do understand that doodle coats can be hard to maintain, so please reach out to me if you need advice on how to better care for your dog's coat at home, I'd love to help!

2.) Please ensure that your dog is up-to-date on immunizations before scheduling a grooming session.  Dogs can catch viruses, such as “Kennel Cough”, which is known to spread between dogs that are in close proximity to each other.  We regularly sanitize our pet grooming facilities between cuts to protect your pooch! 

3.) Please ensure that your dog gets a bathroom break before our appointment drop-off.  This helps us to keep our grooming facilities clean and prevent the spreading of diseases and viruses.  If your dog does so on our property, please help us to pick up after your dog.   

4.) Notify us when you have arrived for your appointment. We will meet you and your dog at your vehicle. 

Pricing (Minimal or No Matting):

Puppy (Under 6 Months): 

  • Puppy Groom Service: Bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, face, feet trim and sanitary.
    • All sizes - $45
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After 6 Months: 

  • Clean-Up Groom Service: Bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, face, feet trim and sanitary.
  • Pricing is subject to length of fur and coat condition. 
    • Petite - $45
    • Mini - $55
    • Medium - $60- $70
    • Standard - $65- $80
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  • Full Groom Service: Clean-Up Groom plus full coat trim.
  • Pricing is subject to length of fur and coat condition.
    • Petite - $60
    • Mini - $75- $80
    • Medium - $85- $95
    • Standard - $100- $130
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  • Re-curing Maintenance Option: Take advantage of a $5.00 discount when scheduling your dog for repeat visits, 2-3 weeks from initial 'Clean-Up' Groom Service.