Steps to Groom Your Golden Doodle Right

Grooming your golden doodle can be a ruff task without the right tools and know-how. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a simple yet effective guide to groom your golden doodle right.

  1. Keep the right tools handy

To groom your pet at home, you will need a slicker brush, a metal comb, clippers, clipper blades, clipper guards. Thinning shears and grooming scissors, nail clippers or nail grinders, detangler spray, and fur dryer. With these tools on hand, you are ready to groom your golden doodle at home!

  1. Line brush

Use the slicker brush to brush your pet’s fur in a linear motion. Starting from the bottom, work your way up, one line at a time. With each brushing stroke, make sure your pet’s skin is visible. Eliminate tangles and mats in the fur before you proceed to the next step.

  1. Bathe and dry

Bathe and blow dry your doodle completely.  It is important to make sure that your doodle is completely dry prior to clipping. 

  1. Clipping

Use professional-grade pet clippers to trim your doodle. Clipper bombs help to prevent overheating, so your dog will be protected from the heat. Use one or two drops of clipper oil to lubricate the blade in order to minimize friction.

  1. Start from the top, work your way down

Start with the top half of the doodle, trimming the back, the chest, and the back of the neck. Next, work your way towards the head, face and neck. You can choose to give your doodle a clean-shaven look, or you may keep the fur around the face and ears long for a funky look.

  1. Ears, legs, and feet

Make sure you trim the hair inside the ear canal to keep your pet safe from ear infections. Next, clip and trim the fur on your doodle’s legs and feet. Grooming scissors can be used as an alternative to clippers to achieve the perfect look for your pet.

  1. Nails

Professional-grade nail clippers for pets can be used to shorten your doodle’s nails. If you’re using clippers, start with the tips of your pet’s nails and slowly keep clipping them until you have made them short enough. In case you’re using a grinder, start with the tips again and slowly grind your way till they are short enough for your liking.

  1. The groin, the belly, the bum and the tail

After you have clipped your pet’s nails, you can trim the fur around the groin and the belly. Next, trim the hair around the rear end and the tail, and voila! Your doodle is set for summer!

With so many reputable brands out there, finding the best of tools to groom your golden doodle at home should hardly be inconvenient. Make sure you exercise utmost care when grooming your pet at home. Our simple yet effective pet grooming tips should help you have an enjoyable experience and give your pet a new, refreshed look!