How to Train a Golden Doodle Puppy to be a Therapy Dog

How to Train a Golden Doodle Puppy to be a Therapy Dog

Dogs trained to give comfort are termed therapy dogs. They’re extra special bundles of joy that carry a bigger responsibility for their owners when compared to regular pets. Therapy dogs are tasked with keeping their human counterparts safe and secure. As you’ll be spending a considerable amount of your life depending on your dog, the breed of your therapy dog also needs to be selected with a lot of care and research.

What Makes Goldendoodles Great Therapy Dogs?

As far as therapy dogs are concerned, golden doodles make for an excellent choice. This is because of their innate need to please, robust personality, and calming nature. Their ability to pick up instruction is unparalleled. They’re also available in different sizes, making them ideal companions for those living in apartments, care facilities, detached homes, and condo buildings. These dogs are extremely smart, highly sociable, and easy to train.

Golden doodles aim to gratify their human and will go to any ends to get their owner’s approval and attention. These little bundles of joy are also hypoallergenic, making them the ultimate therapy dog. They are ideal helpers for asthmatic patients, kids, and people with respiratory issues due to how little they shed. They carry all the qualities that make for a good therapy dog.

They are:

  • Able to stay focused in busy environments,
  • Great with kids,
  • Intelligent,
  • Attentive,
  • Loyal,
  • Social,
  • Patient, and
  • Easy to train.

How to Train Golden Doodles to be Therapy Dogs:

A golden doodle puppy will do whatever it can to get your love and positive feedback. This can be very useful in training. The first step in training any dog is to do your research. You can consult professional trainers, talk to experienced veterinarians, and do your own research online. Either way, the key is to be prepared. Your golden doodle puppy is a blank canvas that has all the potential in the world of becoming a masterpiece with the right kind of training.

Goldendoodles are an adventurous breed. As soon as you get them home, you’ll notice that they’ll want to wander and familiarize themselves with the space. Make sure anything dangerous is out of the way, allowing your doodle to roam free. Your golden doodle will familiarize himself with you the same way that he understands his environment.


Start Young - You can start training your golden doodle from a very young age. They’re more likely to follow your commands and be obedient towards you when you’re someone they’ve known their whole lives. The older they get, the harder they’ll be to change.

Obedience Training - Show them  what they can and cannot do from the get-go. Use basic commands to set boundaries so that they don’t get confused as they grow older.

Positive Reinforcement – Goldendoodles respond extremely well to positive feedback. They’re at their best when they know they’ve done something to please you. Reward your furry friend for their good behavior. Do this by using clicker training, treats, and verbal praise. This also helps them see training time as a positive thing, making them want to do well just to please you.  

The best advice when it comes to training your puppy is to have patience. Your pup needs time to adjust to instruction. It doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat. There may be setbacks along the way but don’t let this discourage you from training your doodle.