How Much Exercise Does a Golden Doodle Require?

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Doodle Require?

Easy to please and easy to train, affectionate and friendly, the Golden doodle combines the best of the Golden retriever and poodle parentage. If you have recently brought your own little doodle pup home, and you want to make sure he gets plenty of love, the right nutrition and the right kind of exercise. Here's what you should know about the last.

How much exercise is right?  

Surprisingly tough question because, like labradoodles, golden doodles too, love playtime. However, they are not as energetic as labs, golden retrievers or poodles. Very strenuous exercise, like making your dog run after you while you cycle for an hour or taking him along on a long, strenuous hike, is a definite no. Like most pups, your golden doodle is happy with roughly 1 ½ or 2 hours of exercise a day. But do break it up into 15- 30 minutes sessions to make it easier on yourself and the little guy.

What kind of exercise is right??

Your golden doodle pup can get all the exercise he needs if you have a fair sized backyard that is safe to play in. If you want to mix this up with some outside time each day, the standard walking along dog walk paths is a great idea.

Doodles are intelligent dogs and can get bored easily. So, mix it up a bit, take them walking across different routes. Get some new toys from your favorite pet products store and enjoy new games with the little guy right in your backyard. Here are some other ideas you can try:

  • Plan a visit to a dog park
  • Take him along on your family picnic over the weekend
  • Let him explore the beach
  • Visit a pets friendly restaurant

Variety keeps your golden doodle happy, curious, and raring to go off on adventures.

Keep these important factors in mind

  • Size: The exercise regimen of golden doodles hinges on their size too. A standard golden doodle may be upwards of 45 + pounds at adulthood, while a mini may reach between 20-35 pounds. If you own a standard, then your dog can handle a much longer walking route than a mini. Do remember that the smaller doodle needs to take more steps to cover the distance that the larger one does. A very long walk may be too much of a strain.
  • Age: Golden doodles are playful by nature. However, as with other dogs, pups generally have more energy and inclination towards rambunctious play than older dogs. Exercise for your pup can take the form of plenty of games with you. Tug of war, hide and seek, fetch- any of these will keep your gold doodle pup ecstatic. However, an older dog may prefer quiet strolls by your side or a slow potter in the dog park. Make sure the dog gets plenty of rest in between exercise sessions too.
  • Temperament: Doodles typically love socializing but do remember that every dog comes with his own personality. Some may be shy, some boisterous. Pay attention to what your pup seems to like most. He may seem most happy running after the frisbee in your backyard along with your kids. Or he may jump up and start scratching at the door the minute you mention ‘beachside’. Make up an exercise schedule keeping in mind the dog’s temperament and preference for the company of strangers too. 


Exercising golden doodles is a pleasure for dog owners because these dogs love pleasing their 'people' and are smart enough to catch on to instructions quickly. All you need to do is ensure that they are not overstretched and that they are stimulated enough.