5 Amazing Haircuts You’d Love On Your Golden Doodle

Don’t you just love your golden doodle’s hair? With its highly versatile coat texture, shape, and color, a golden doodle can be a great breed to try your creative canine pet grooming ideas on.

So, if you’re looking for hair-styling inspiration for your golden doodle pup, give these five hairs cuts a try:

  • Majestic lion’s mane

What better way to showcase your golden doodle’s majesty than to make him the king of the proverbial jungle (in this case, your home)? A lion’s mane hairstyle can make your dog look really powerful.

To get this hairstyle, the canine hairstylist will first trim your dog’s body coat to a very short length while leaving the hair on and around his head and neck as is. Then, using a comb and other pet grooming products, the hairstylist will push up the coat to make it resemble a lion’s mane.

To maintain this mane, you’ll need to comb your doodle’s hair using similar pet products that the canine hairstylist uses, every time you give him a bath.

  • Classic kennel cut

Golden doodles can overheat very quickly during the summer. So, if the hot weather is almost upon you and you want your golden doodle to be cool and comfortable, then the Kennel cut is the best option to choose.

A very classic pet grooming style, the kennel cut completely reduces your golden doodle’s coat length down to just an inch over his skin. This cut can make your doodle resemble his golden retriever parent more closely while keeping summer skin allergies and infections at bay.

  • Trimmed teddy bear

Have you seen pictures of pups on Instagram where they look like miniature bear cubs instead of dogs? That’s the teddy bear hairstyle at work. It looks super cute and is perfect for dogs like golden doodles, who have a very thick and wavy coat.

Here, the hair on your dog’s coat will be trimmed close to the body, but it will be given a rounded shape so that your pup appears fluffier than he actually is. The hair on the face and ears is plumped-up more, so his head looks slightly bigger than his body.

(This hairstyle is perfect for almost all shaggy pets, and it looks great on Labradoodles too.)

  • The Poodle cut

Your golden doodle’s beautiful, puffy curls make it very easy for us to replicate the OG poodle hairstyle. To get the poodle cut right, every part of your golden doodle’s body – except for the paws, tail, ears, face, and shoulders - is shaved until it is just under an inch in length. The coat is then fluffed up to resemble cotton candy or pompoms.

This hairstyle makes your dog look elegant, and you can even use bows on your little girl to complete the aesthetic.

  • The messy mohawk

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to give the powerful and fun Mohawk hairstyle a chance. This hair cut is sure to make your golden doodle the cynosure of all eyes in your neighborhood.

This hairstyle looks just like the Mohawks that we get. To get this hair cut right, the canine hairstylist will shave your dog’s entire body so that it is about an inch long while retaining the hair on top of his head as is.

Then, using skin-sensitive pet products like hair gels and non-toxic coloring agents, the stylist will create the Mohawk hairstyle for your pet.